Pre-Trip Research...

Talia Korn
  • This Site might focus on: Manufacturing of electric cars

Location of your site:

There are multiple locations in Australia, Israel, China, California etc.The location in Israel is centered in Tel Aviv.

Geographical Features (Include a Picture or Map):

A battery outlet for the cars is nearby.

external image P2060030.JPG

The Meaning of the Name of your Site:

It is called better place because using electricity instead of gas to run cars, makes the world a better place.

Historical Background/Significance:

This is important because it is an idea and company that will bring change to the world. It is now possible to drive on electricity instead of the Earth's gas; conserving our resources.

Do other Cultures or Religions have connections to your site?:

It is not a religious company, any race can work or use its inventions.

Connect a Talmudic/Biblical saying to your site:

One of the 613 mitzvot is "tikun olam" which is to preserve the world. By using electricity and not gas, we are preserving and helping the world.

Share any Midrash, Fables, or other “stories” about the site:

Buisness Insider says, "
If the program becomes a success, look for more to pop up in other countries soon."

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Now You're ready to create a multimedia presentation in Hebrew for class here in America.

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You're also responsible for a brief "Tour Guide" presentation in ENGLISH to be given at your site in Israel.

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After the Trip...

Picture From your Site.

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[Write a brief reflection on your visit to your site. Was your experience what you expected? Did you learn something new? What was it like experiencing this place in person...]