Pre-Trip Research...

  • This Site might focus on: Golan Heights: 1967; Source of water and Mt. Bental: Borders with Syria; Strategic importance: Touring a Syrian bunker

Location of your site:

The Golan Heights border Syria, Lebannon, Israel and Jordan. Mt. Bentol is located in the northern side of the Golan Heights.

Geographical Features (Include a Picture or Map):

The Golan Heights surround Lake Kineret, which Israel relies on for water. The northern side of the Golan gets more rainfall and snow in the winter. The Heights are mainly limestone and volcanic rocks. Atround the west there is plateu that rivers flow through. Mt Bental is a volcano.


The Meaning of the Name of your Site:

A fortified hilly area between southern Lebanon and southern Syria

Historical Background/Significance:

[Why is this site so important? What in it's history makes it a significant stop on your trip?]

Do other Cultures or Religions have connections to your site?:

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Now You're ready to create a multimedia presentation in Hebrew for class here in America.

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After the Trip...

Picture From your Site.

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[Write a brief reflection on your visit to your site. Was your experience what you expected? Did you learn something new? What was it like experiencing this place in person...]