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  • This Site might focus on: Beduin Research

Location of your site:

Kfar Hanokdim is located in the Kanaaim valley between the city of Arad and ancient Masada.

Geographical Features (Include a Picture or Map):

Kfar Hanokdim is filled with tents with colorful rugs and matresses inside of them. They have buldings of natural stone, lamps made of crystals from the Dead Sea, and wooden furniture with iron art work .
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The Meaning of the Name of your Site:

Historical Background/Significance:

A young man living in Arad was very passionate about his surroundings. He spent much of his time wondering in the area and getting to know the land. By spending time in the desert he came into contact with the Bedouin people. He then fell in love with their culture and tradition.His experience was so great that he decided to create Kfar Hanokdim in order that he could share Bedouin hospitality, culture and tradition with others.

Do other Cultures or Religions have connections to your site?:

Kfar Hanokdim is a place open to all cultures. It's a beautiful site to visit and shows the true beauty in the world.

Connect a Talmudic/Biblical saying to your site:

"Eretz zavat chalav udevash,a land flowing with milk and honey"

Share any Midrash, Fables, or other “stories” about the site:

When G-d was telling the Jews we were going to be entered into the land of Israel he said it's a land filled with milk and honey. kfar Hanokdim connects to this because it shows the beauty of the land of Israel. It's a place for bonding, not using electricity, and bond fires.

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    • Much thought and imagination were put in to creating an authentic Bedouin oasis, with buildings of natural stone, lamps made of salt crystals from the nearby Dead Sea, wooden furniture decorated with iron art work, colorful fabrics constructed with stone tools.

After the Trip...

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