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Yerucham is located in the Southern District of Israel, in the Negev desert, 15km from Dimona.

Coordinates:external image 17px-WMA_button2b.png30°59′18.53″N 34°55′40.62″E

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Yerucham covers 38.584 kilometers. It is 520 meters above sea level.
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The name means cherished or loved by G-d.

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Yeruham is the site of Tel Rahma, dating back to the 10th century BCE. On the outskirts of Yeruham is an ancient well, Be'er Rahma (באר רחמה). Some archeologists have identified it as the well where the biblical Hagar drew water for her son Ishmael.
Yeruham was founded on January 9, 1951 as Kfar Yeruham. It was one of Israel's first development towns, created to settle frontier areas in the early days of the state. It was located near the Large Makhetesh, an area thought at the time to be rich with natural resources.The first influx of immigrants came from Romania, many of them Holocaust survivors, followed by immigrants from North Africa, Persia, India and elsewhere, who make up the majority of the town's population today.
By 1961, the town's population was 1,574. The name was changed to Yeruham in 1962. Yeruham was originally founded on the Petroleum Road in the Negev (today roads 224 and 225) and its initial growth was stymied by the construction of Highway 25 and the Beersheba.

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The Yeruham Matnas (Local Community Center) organizes many social and cultural activities which include plays, performances, summer events, subscription series for children and adults, music lessons in the Music Conservatory, sports activities and workout room in the renovated Sports Hall, nature-oriented extracurricular activities, neighborhood clubs, immigrant absorption activities, a Yiddish choir, and communal theater group. The Library has 60,000 books in Hebrew, Russian, English and Marathi, which is an Indian language, and offers enrichment activities for pre-school and elementary school students, meetings with authors, computer training, workshops for parents and children, a creative writing group, and more.

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