Israel Trip 2012

This Wiki was created as a place for the 9th grade to gather research and prepare "Tour Guide" presentations to be give both here in America and overseas in Israel. Hopefully gathering more info about the sites you'll be visiting on the Israel trip will serve to get you even more excited for your experience.


  • First you'll Click on your Site in the left-hand menu and Edit the page answering the questions and filling in the info as appropriate
  • Next you'll create a Multimedia Presentation (i.e. a PowerPoint, Prezi, or any other technologically advanced way you'd like to share your information.) in HEBREW to present to your class before leaving on the trip.
    • If you can Link your presentation to your Site Page all the better!
  • Finally you'll write a "Tour Guide" script in ENGLISH to take with you to Israel. You'll each be prepping your classmates for the Site before you visit.
    • You'll be typing up the script here on the Wiki as well...Just in case your typed script gets misplaced on the way to Israel...